Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Howdy Folks!

Just thought I would say hello and join this thang! Here is a link to my old reel:


The "jtiger" part is from a friend of mine who is hosting the site. I need to get something better going.

Thanks for inviting me Thom. It is great to have Catholic friends in the biz!!!


regina doman said...

Hey welcome! Great to have you!

Thom said...

Hey John, thanks for joining! Looking forward to more. Feel free to comment on past posts and of course create new ones.

Thom said...

Also, if you want me to add a link to your other blog (great stuff there, btw!) or something let me know. That goes for all members!

Jason Manak said...

Alright! Another animator!! What a beautiful reel too! WoW! *drools*.

Glad to have you aboard!

Blake said...

wow that was a great real!