Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome new people!

It's nice to see you new guys aboard! Thanks for joining us!!

I don't check this thing as often as I should and I certainly don't animate as much as I should either, but nevertheless, I've taken another pass at my rock climber.

I haven't really been working on the face yet, since I'll do that last, but he's a lot less stiff now than he was and the body motion / weight feels a lot more natural now. I'm hoping one more good 8-10 hr pass on him will finish him off. C&C welcome.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Free stop-mo programs and other stuff

Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting anything in so long, but I've been really busy!

Dwayne from Leftfield Studios might chime in here (I hope!), but I found some free stop-mo software today:

Stop Motion Animator

EDIT: Here's one more. FrameByFrame for Mac

Did anyone else animate Star Wars figures with a Super8 (film) camera when they were a kid? I wish I had a copy of those films. They must have been hilariously bad.

By the way, Dwayne, I love the Leftfield Studios stuff. Great fun! Well done.

Here's a cut-out/vector animation program that I use from time to time in my professional work:

Anime Studio Pro

It's not free but it's really useful sometimes. The intro of my demo reel was animated in it. I also like to draw in it. It renders the best vector lines from a tablet of any program I've used. I've also used it for compositing Maya output with flat elements. Another use is quick mock ups of future 3D characters.

Have fun and keep animating!