Friday, August 22, 2008

Greg Duva: Animator & Cartoonist

Hi Thom, thanks very much for the invitation. I really appreciate it.

It's great to have the "special connection" of the Catholic Faith, with other artists/animators. My only buddy in the industry, is Pentecostal. We know each other a long time, so we gave up trying to convert each other a while ago.

Here's my website: - in the middle, if you click on it, it will bring you to the "Jamboni Brothers Pizza" comic strip, that I just started on Comics Sherpa. If you want to go there and check out some of the comic strips, I'd really appreciate it! This is the website:
Feel free to send me a comment. I prefer "positive criticism", but if you want to "slam me", go for the gusto! I can take it. I believe in the concept of "Jamboni Brothers Pizza", which is really all about creativity. With that leading the way...there'll always be "Pizza on Earth"
[whatever that sounds like a good ending, anyway]!