Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hey Catholics!

Hey everybody! I'm Blake Landry. I'm so excited to see an gathering of Catholic Animators. It's really great to see people who are called to this field of ministry! I'm on the verge of graduating from College at the moment. I also did Animation Mentor, which is where I realized that it's exactly the line of work that I want to be in! I love animation of all Kinds. Especially if it's backed with Good Morels. Anyway, here is my animation reel so far:

Click To Play

Right now all my life is going to is my senior thesis! I think it's coming along great. I'll show you guys as soon as I'm done. Which is in 2 weeks :)

Again it's great to find a Catholic community of animators. I really want this group to go somewhere :)

God Bless!


Thom said...

Welcome, Blake! We have good morels on our property in the spring time. ;) Sorry, couldn't resist that typo pun.

Your reel's coming along nicely. Feel free to put up specific scenes for review and critique. And anything else you'd like to start discussions on.

I just thought of a discussion I'd like to have...but I'll let your post be up top for a while first.

Anonymous said...

hehe opps!

Thanks Thom. I look at some of this work now and I really do see a bunch of fixes that I could work on. I've worked pretty hardcore on my thesis lately. But I don't know if it would better to come back to it when I get time or to just move on to newer shots.

What do you think?

Thom said...

I'd move on to something new and apply what I've learned in the meantime. You just need to practice, practice, practice.

regina doman said...

Welcome Blake! I've been a little crazybusy lately but I was glad to see you joined!