Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcome new people!

It's nice to see you new guys aboard! Thanks for joining us!!

I don't check this thing as often as I should and I certainly don't animate as much as I should either, but nevertheless, I've taken another pass at my rock climber.

I haven't really been working on the face yet, since I'll do that last, but he's a lot less stiff now than he was and the body motion / weight feels a lot more natural now. I'm hoping one more good 8-10 hr pass on him will finish him off. C&C welcome.


Thom said...

Hey Jason, looking good. I don't check here often enough either! Too busy...

Some things I noticed which you probably already have on your list:

His fingers shouldn't already be clenched before they contact the ground. Dig them in a few frames after contact, and extend them on the way down. Overall, more finger action needed.

Around frame 115, he looks to be supporting himself with his feet, which is OK, I guess, but it would be a lot stronger if his feet are dangling (unseen) and he has to prop himself up on his elbows.

If you figure out a good way to rig that let me know! I think zooTools might be of help there.

There might be better solutions. I'm just not feeling his effort which is exhausting him. Nice little eyebrow before he pulls himself up.

Anonymous said...

Really nice stuff Jason! I really like the beginning where he pops his head up and then drops it down again before he climbs up. I think the timing/spacing here is really nice! I have a few comments:
240-254 this is the first thing that caught my eye is that when he moves his arm that, it's the only thing thats moving, you might want to add some shoulder moment and maybe a little chest rotation.

332- This is just a personal thing but I think that you could us a little more overlap in the head and top part of the torso.

I really think Thom has some great points also! I hope I helps! Good Luck!